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Magdalena Dulay  
Online ESL Teacher (Children/Adult), Conversation Partner
Updated: 04-Mar-10
Listen to Magdalena
Currently living in: Philippines
Native Language: Visayan (Philippines)
Other Languages: English, Tagalog
Available for employment.
- - Online classes via skype - Most preferred Korea and Singapore. But I can also teach other students from the rest of the countries of the world.
Personal website: MagdalenaDulay.spokenskills.com

Dell MacTaighain  
Professor of Heuristic & Pedagogical science/esl tutor
Updated: 17-Feb-10
Listen to Dell
Currently living in: United Kingdom
Native Language: Uk English
Other Languages: Gaelic, Spanish, Hindi/Urdu, German, French, and now Mandarin
Available for employment.
- Depends on situation
Personal website: DellMacTaighain.spokenskills.com

Quynh Nguyen  
Updated: 11-Jan-10
Listen to Quynh
Currently living in: Vietnam
Native Language: Vietnamese
Available for employment.
Personal website: QuynhNguyen.spokenskills.com

Tim Neal  
ESL Teacher
Updated: 06-Nov-09
Listen to Tim
Currently living in: Japan
Native Language: English
Other Languages: Mandarin, Arabic and Japanese
Available for employment.
- Maebashi-shi, Gunma-Ken Japan
Personal website: TimNeal.spokenskills.com

Robert McCall  
Business English Coach
Updated: 31-Oct-09
Listen to Robert
Currently living in: Brazil
Native Language: English New Zealand
Other Languages: Portuguese
Available for employment.
- Brazil, South America.
Personal website: RobertMcCall.spokenskills.com

Kaylie Wilson  
ESL Teacher/Children
Updated: 03-Oct-09
Listen to Kaylie
Currently living in: Canada
Native Language: English, Canadian
Available for employment.
- I would love to work in any of the beautiful countries of Asia or Europe.
Personal website: KaylieWilson.spokenskills.com

Saimons mathews  
English Teacher Online
Updated: 29-Sep-09
Listen to Saimons
Currently living in: India
Native Language: English UK
Other Languages: English US
Available for employment.
- Any country but at present I would like to continue my work in India.
Personal website: Saimonsmathews.spokenskills.com

Benjamin Psaros  
TESOL Cert. with Exp./Adult Ed./Youth Ed.
Updated: 06-Sep-09
Listen to Benjamin
Currently living in: United States
Native Language: English, US
Other Languages: Spanish (Intermediate-advanced level)
Available for employment.
- Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Columbia, Brazil Greece, Italy, Spain, Southern Europe Africa
Personal website: BenjaminPsaros.spokenskills.com

Shafic Jarrous  
English Language teacher ESL, EFL, ESP and LOTE.Translator and Interpretor(English-Arabic,Arabic-English). English and American Literature instructor.
Updated: 25-Aug-09
Listen to Shafic
Currently living in: United Arab Emirates
Native Language: Ausralian English and Standard British English.
Other Languages: Fluent Arabic and French.
Available for employment.
- Middle East.
Personal website: ShaficJarrous.spokenskills.com

Joseph Green  
Conversational English teacher tutor
Updated: 22-Aug-09
Listen to Joseph
Currently living in: China
Native Language: English Canadian
Available for employment.
- Guangzhou
Personal website: JosephGreen1.spokenskills.com

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Displaying 41-50 of 622 records. Page  5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
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