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Michael Mera  
ESL Teacher - Spoken and Written
Updated: 15-Apr-09
Listen to Michael
Currently living in: Australia
Native Language: English - Australian & UK
Other Languages: Malay, Mandarin, Indonesian, Chinese Dialects
Available for employment.
- On-line and On-site in Sydney
Personal website: MichaelMera.spokenskills.com

Beverley Ritson  
Online ESL/EFL Teacher/Adult
Updated: 31-Mar-09
Listen to Beverley
Currently living in: South Africa
Native Language: English, South African
Other Languages: Afrikaans
Available for employment.
- Those which I can co-ordinate the time difference with ease.
Personal website: BeverleyRitson.spokenskills.com

Laura Roth  
Student Teacher/Tutor
Updated: 22-Mar-09
Listen to Laura
Currently living in: United States
Native Language: US English
Other Languages: French, German, Japanese
Available for employment.
- Northern Virginia, US
Personal website: LauraRoth.spokenskills.com

Lauralynn Sweet  
ESL Teacher(ALL); Elementary Teacher
Updated: 22-Mar-09
Listen to Lauralynn
Currently living in: United Kingdom
Native Language: English (US)
Other Languages: FRENCH
Available for employment.
- US, France, Spain, Italy, Greece
Personal website: LauralynnSweet.spokenskills.com

Professor Snyder  
Online ESL and Spanish Educator, MSED TESOL
Updated: 18-Mar-09
Listen to Professor
Currently living in: United States
Native Language: English, US
Other Languages: Spanish
Available for employment.
- Online All Over!!!! See: http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/21274
Personal website: ProfessorSnyder.spokenskills.com

linda U.  
Language Arts, Humanities Teacher
Updated: 16-Mar-09
Listen to linda
Currently living in: United States
Native Language: US
Other Languages: None
Available for employment.
- UK, and other Western countries.
Personal website: lindaU.spokenskills.com

Erica Sherman  
ESL/EFL Teacher
Updated: 15-Mar-09
Listen to Erica
Currently living in: Czech Republic
Native Language: English (US)
Other Languages: Native speaker of Russian
Available for employment.
- Germany, Czech Republic, Estonia, Italy, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, UK, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Greece
Personal website: EricaSherman.spokenskills.com

Renay Mudaliar  
ESL Teacher/ Adult,ESL Teacher/Children
Updated: 13-Feb-09
Listen to Renay
Currently living in: Canada
Native Language: English
Other Languages: Hindi, Fijian
Available for employment.
Personal website: RenayMudaliar.spokenskills.com

Terri Adams  
ESL Teacher-trainer/Adult, Children, lecturer, writing skills, teacher training.
Updated: 07-Feb-09
Listen to Terri
Currently living in: United States
Native Language: American English (neutral accent)
Other Languages: Spanish, learning Chinese
Available for employment.
- U.S. Southeast area of Florida preferably, but will consider other areas. Age can be a hinderance for a working visa in some countries, and I am a senior citizen. So if your school or country honors the achievers and not bound by meaningless restrictions, I would be honored to consider your offer.
Personal website: TerriAdams.spokenskills.com

Scott Miller  
ESL Teacher
Updated: 06-Feb-09
Listen to Scott
Currently living in: Canada
Native Language: Canadian English
Other Languages: none
Available for employment.
- I would work anywhere.
Personal website: ScottMiller.spokenskills.com

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Displaying 61-70 of 621 records. Page  7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
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