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"Students really enjoyed using SpokenTest because they liked getting my oral and written feedback.  And, unlike using audiotapes, they could listen again and again to my oral feedback without rewinding and rewinding the tape.  SpokenTest is much more convenient. I think it has some really good features.  It is easy to for teachers and students to use, and the company has great technical support."

Dr. Ruth Yontz
Department of Finance
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

"Just a quick thank you in regards to my SpokenSkills page.  First, having a web presence in this day and age is so important, as everyone is increasingly web savvy, particularly Asians eagerly looking to exploit new technology in order to improve their English language skills.  The ability to place your photo and a voice recording on an elegant and professional-looking web page instantly lends one credibility by providing prospective clients/employers the opportunity to decide for themselves at a glance whether or not you are the type of person they’re looking for.  It’s what a business card always wished it could be.  In just 3 weeks I’ve gotten two clients and three job offers, and I haven’t even started marketing myself!

And on top of everything, the set-up instructions/interface is very easy to use – and free! 

You guys are the best!"

Michael Mityok, Language Consultant
Vancouver, BC

"Tech support is very responsive and effective. Also, the sound quality is good and the students found SpokenTest easy to use."

Aileen Gum
Associate Professor -English/ESL
San Diego City College

"I want to say that you provide excellent service and your website is really user-friendly.  Thank you very much!"

Lulin Li
Fountain School, Zhuhai, China

"Learning how to properly pronounce basic phrases in another language is a great way to establish relationships and build credibility when conducting business in another country.
It is for this reason that the InXstream audio feature is a great compliment to the wealth of information found in GlobeSmart."

Ted Dale
Founder and Chairman
Aperian Global
San Francisco, California

"Even for someone like me--who isn't that tech-savvy--the software is intuitive and easy to navigate. In addition, since we create the content for the testing, there's a lot of flexibility. We can change our tests as often and as much as our capacity allows. Lastly, when I call in for tech support, I'm usually in the middle of a assessment situation and often in a panic. You and your staff are always calm, patient, and help get us back on track."

Linda Okahara
Director of Community Services
Asian Health Services
Oakland, California

Thank you Spoken Skills for providing an outstanding, professional service to the TESOL community. Because of your website, I have been able to expand my teaching career in ways I never thought possible. My students have responded very well to this new tool and it is very rewarding to see them flourish. You all receive an A+ in my book!

MaryEllen Welton
ESL Consultant/Accent Reduction Coach/Spanish Tutor

Tampa, Florida

"Spoken Test is an easy, customizable tool that helps managers and teachers measure their students', employees', or job applicants' speech and listening skills, accurately identify problem areas, track training progress, and archive results -- all online from anywhere in the world."

Carlos Grana
Managing Director
San Francisco, California

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