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Dictation- Brain Food (By: M. Welton)

You will practice dictation. Listen the first time for a general idea. Then, listen again and write down on another piece of paper what you hear. You should not listen more than 5 times. Once you are done, check your answers.

Author: Instructor MaryEllen Welton maryellenwelton.spokenskills.com

Step 1:  Listen to the dialog for a general meaning.

Step 2.  Listen again and begin to write the passage down on a piece of paper.     5 times should be the maximum amount of time that you should listen to the dictation.  (Try not to pause, but if you must, do it only when a sentence ends.  Do NOT pause in the middle of a sentence.)

TIP:  Keep going even if you do not know a word.  Do not stop if you do not understand or can't write fast enough.   By using this technique it will help to develop your listening skills when you communicate with someone.   Just like when you are in a conversation, if you stop listening to the person because you did not understand a word, you will miss the rest of the conversation.   It is better to skip the part you don't know and follow along with the speaker.

Step 3:  Listen one last time to check your dictation. 

Step 4:  Read the dialog below  to check your answers.  

Compare your answers with the dictation.   Practice reading the passage.

Brain Food

Fish is a very healthy food choice.  Not only is it good for the heart, but it's also a way to power up the brain.  Doctors suggest eating at least two servings of fish a week for good heart and brain health.  Other foods that boost brain power are fruits, vegetables, nuts and even chocolate!  Among some of the best fruits are blueberries.  Maybe if you eat some berries and nuts while studying English, you'll be speaking like a native speaker in no time!


Listen, record and practice

record stop play

1.  Click Record
2.  Record your voice, then click Stop when you finished
3.  To listen to your recording, press Preview
4.  To record another practice, return to Step 1
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