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Do you make these pronunciation mistakes? Funny (By: MaryEllen Welton)

After watching the video, listen to the recording and practice the sentences. Can you distinguish and produce the two sounds in each example? If you are having trouble with a specific sound, you can continue improving your pronunciation skills by purchasing the corresponding study packages.

Practice page Author: Instructor MaryEllen Welton maryellenwelton.spokenskills.com

Try some of these sentences.    The ones in red would probably get the speaker in trouble!

(From the video)   

We are sinking.

We are thinking.

Jack ate some rice.

Jack ate some lice.   

Study package:  /l/ and /r/

Where are the people going to sleep?

This room is full of cots.

This room is full of cats.

Study package:   cot/cat

Where did you study?

I studied in Yale.

I studied in jail.  

Study package:  Yale/jail

You go to the doctor about back pain.  
The doctor says:

I am going to put an X  on your back where the pain is.

I am going to put an axe on your back where the pain is.  

Study package:  bet/bat

The light bulb might not work.

Can you test it?               

Can you taste it?      

What impressed you most about New York City?

There were a lot of cabs.

There were a lot of calves.   

Study package:  /b/ and /v/

How many tickets are left?

There are 13 tickets left.

There are 30 tickets left.

Study package:  Numbers
Study package:  Word Stress

What do you see on her head?

We see a vail.

We see a whale.

Study package:  /w/ and /v/

Which do you prefer?

Either is fine.

Ether is fine.

Study package:  voiced and voiceless th.

Listen, record and practice

record stop play

1.  Click Record
2.  Record your voice, then click Stop when you finished
3.  To listen to your recording, press Preview
4.  To record another practice, return to Step 1
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