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Business Meetings - 1

In this section, you will find recorded phrases for conducting and participating in meetings. To help you improve your business English for meetings, you will have a chance to compare your audio version of the phrases with the recorded version.


Good morning everyone.

Good afternoon, let’s start the meeting.

If we're all here, let's get started.

Welcoming and introducing

Please join me in welcoming Jane Smith.

We're pleased to welcome Roderick James from our trading desk in Tokyo.

I'd like to extend a warm welcome to Dr. Jennings.

It's a pleasure to welcome our new Vice President of Human Resources, Mrs. Janet Reed.

I'd like to introduce Mr. Michael Green.

Stating the objectives of the meeting

We're here today to evaluate financing options for our new plant.

Our main goal today is to make a decision on whether or not to build a new oil processing plant.

Giving apologies for someone who is absent

I'm afraid Jane can't be with us today. She is in our Boston branch.

Unfortunately, Raymond will not be with us today because he missed his flight.

I have received apologies for absence from Mr. Harris, who is in New York with one of our clients.

Reviewing notes of the last meeting

To begin with, I'd like to quickly go through the minutes of our last meeting.

First, let's go over the report from the last meeting, which was held on January 5th.

Here are the minutes from our last meeting, which was on July 6th.

Dealing with recent developments

Jack, can you tell us how the new network project is progressing?

James, how is the integration project coming along?

John, have you completed the report on the new transportation legislation?

Has everyone received a copy of the financial statements?

Moving forward

So, if there is nothing else we need to discuss, let's move on to today's agenda.

Shall we get down to business?

Is there any other business?

If there are no further developments, I'd like to move on to today's subject.

Listen, record and practice

record stop play

1.  Click Record
2.  Record your voice, then click Stop when you finished
3.  To listen to your recording, press Preview
4.  To record another practice, return to Step 1
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