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Business Meetings - 2

In this section, you will find recorded phrases for conducting and participating in meetings. To help you improve your business English for meetings, you will have a chance to compare your audio version of the phrases with the recorded version.

Introducing the agenda

Have you all received a copy of the agenda?

The first topic I would like to discuss today is the re-financing of the expansion project.

Shall we discuss the points in this order?

If you don't mind, I'd like to go in order today.

I suggest we skip item 1 and move on to item 3.

Allocating responsibilities

Mike has agreed to take the minutes.

Tony, would you mind taking the minutes?

Mary has kindly agreed to give us a report on the leasing contract.

James will lead point 1, Susan point 2, and Peter point 3.

Jennifer, would you mind taking notes today?

Agreeing on the ground rules for the meeting

We will first hear a short report on each point.

I suggest we go round the table first.

Let's make sure we finish by noon.

I'd suggest we take a lunch break at noon.

There will be ten minutes for each presenter.

We'll have to keep each topic to 5 minutes. Otherwise we'll never get through.

Introducing the first item on the agenda

So, let's start with budgeting.

I'd suggest we start with marketing.

Why don't we start with an update?

So, the first item on the agenda is leasing.

Pete, would you like to kick off?

Shall we start with recruitment for the new plant?

Mary, would you like to introduce this item?

Listen, record and practice

record stop play

1.  Click Record
2.  Record your voice, then click Stop when you finished
3.  To listen to your recording, press Preview
4.  To record another practice, return to Step 1
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