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Business Meetings - 6

In this section, you will find recorded phrases for conducting and participating in meetings. To help you improve your business English for meetings, you will have a chance to compare your audio version of the phrases with the recorded version.

Closing an Item

I think that takes care of the first item.

Shall we leave that item?

Why don't we move on to the next topic on the list?

If nobody has anything else to add, lets move on to our next item on the agenda.

Let's move onto the next item

Now we come to the question of financing.

Giving Control to the Next Participant

I'd like to hand over to Eric, who is going to lead the next point.

Next, Lee is going to take us through the development process.

Now, I'd like to introduce Mrs. Miles who is going to explain to us the options we have.


Before we close today's meeting, let me just summarize the main points.

Let me quickly go over today's main points.

OK, why don't we quickly summarize what we've done today?

Shall I go over the main points?

Finishing Up

Right, it looks as though we've covered the main items.

If there are no other comments, I'd like to wrap this meeting up.

Let's bring this to a close for today.

Is there any other business?

Suggesting and agreeing on time, date and place for the next meeting

Can we set the date for the next meeting, please?

So, the next meeting will be on Tuesday, the 7th of October at 9 AM.

Thanking participants for participating

Thank you all for attending.

Thanks for your participation.

Listen, record and practice

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2.  Record your voice, then click Stop when you finished
3.  To listen to your recording, press Preview
4.  To record another practice, return to Step 1
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